Chatboard - Native OpenAI ChatGPT Client

OpenAI ChatGPT 原生客户端


Important: This App already supports GPT-4 model, But it depends on whether your own API - KEY has GPT-4 privileges.

How to get the API-KEY of OpenAI?

  • Register yourself on the official website of OpenAI, and log in to your account after you have an OpenAI account to get the API-KEY. Address of the API-KEY

  • With the API-KEY, download the following Chatboard native speed client, your AI helper at your fingertips, according to this trend, everyone has to have a Client + API-KEY, as if plugged into the wings, armed with AI, not to fall behind. appStore search: Chatboard


Chatboard - Native OpenAI ChatGPT Client

English Version
A faster response native AI chat client that allows users to easily use AI capabilities and become their own assistant for work, life and learning by simply entering user own API-KEY. ChatBoard App will be a good assistant for your work, life and study.

AI is not replacing humans, but those who embrace and learn AI technology will replace those who don't. ChatBoard App will be your best assistant in work, life and study.

Features of this App

  • Extremely fast response: input almost reaches wonderful response.
  • Customizable: Default intelligent roles are provided, so users don't have to worry about not being able to find what they need.
  • Flexible: Users can also customize their own roles.
  • Extremely simple interaction: The interface is very simple, directly reaching the demand.
  • Voice input and image recognition input: easy to input, for example, you can input image math problems and other topics for AI to answer.
  • Support LaTeX parser to display equations correctly, high-quality typesetting of scientific and technical documents, academic papers, books, etc.

Try it out. Download now and see for yourself.

Note: The logo of this app is also generated by this app through "AI generated image".


重要事项:本App已经支持GPT-4模型,但是取决于你自己的 API - KEY是否拥有GPT-4权限。

如何取得 OpenAI 的API-KEY?

  • 第一种方法,自己注册 ,拥有OpenAI的账号之后登录账号自然可以获取 API-KEY。API-KEY所在的地址

  • 第二种方法,直接跟找渠道买,微信群里或万事不决问淘宝有好多。

有了 API-KEY,下载以下 Chatboard 原生极速客户端,你的 AI 助手随手可得,按照这种趋势,每个人得有一个 客户端+API-KEY,犹如插上翅膀,用AI武装自己,不至于落于人后。AppStore 搜:Chatboard



Chatboard - OpenAI ChatGPT 原生客户端

这是一个响应速度极快原生 AI 聊天客户端,只要填入输入你自己的API-KEY, 就可以让用户很方便地使用AI能力,成为自己工作、生活学习的助理。

从来都不是 AI 代替人,而是会使用 AI 的人代替不会使用 AI 的人,去拥抱和学习 AI 技术吧。ChatBoard App 会成为你工作、生活、学习的好助手。


  • 响应速度极快:输入几乎达到妙应。
  • 定制化:提供默认智能角色,不会让用户无所适从。
  • 灵活化:用户也可以自己定制角色。
  • 极简的交互:界面非常简单,直达需求。
  • 语音输入与图片识别输入,方便输入,比如可以拍照输入图片数学题等题目让AI解答。
  • 支持 LaTeX解析器,正确显示方程式,高质量排版科技文档、学术论文、书籍等


注:这个App的Logo也是由这款App通过 “AI生成图片” 生成的。