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Terms of Use

You are welcomed to use Whiteboard App paid-up member service, in order to protect your rights and interests, please carefully read all details of this service agreement before you perchance Whiteboard-Pro service offered by Whiteboard App.


This service is a subscription-based paid-up service, which means that you will pay in advance for future use of the service. You can currently choose to pay the service on an annual basis.\n\nAt the end of each subscription cycle, your subscription is automatically renewed by default unless you explicitly cancel the automatic renewal or cancelled by Whiteboard App. You can cancel the auto-renewal at the Subscriptions settings of App Store.

Free trial

We currently offer a free trial of up to 7 days per subscription cycle, ensuring that you do not pay until you are satisfied with the service.\n\nAt the beginning of the trial period, you may need to enter payment information for this service, but there will be no actual deduction in your account. Until the last day of the trial, if you do not cancel the subscription, then it will be deemed to continue to use, the deduction will occur automatically.\n\nWe reserve the right to modify the trial period in order to provide better service.


Now Whiteboard-Pro is set a standard fee as $4.49 per year. This price may be changed during promotion period.\n\nIf the price is adjusted, the new price will take effect for the next subscription cycle.


After the trial period, you shall never be refunded the fee. Please voluntarily cancel your payment of service.

Contact Us

For any doubt about terms in this agreement, please contact us with Email: [email protected]



欢迎您使用Whiteboard App的付费会员服务,为保障您的权益,请您在使用Whiteboard App提供的Whiteboard-Pro服务之前,仔细阅读本服务协议的所有细节。


本服务为订阅式付费服务,这意味着您将为今后使用本服务而提前付费。你目前可以选择按年支付服务。在每个订阅周期结束时,你的订阅会默认自动更新,除非你明确取消自动更新或由白板App取消。你可以在App Store的订阅设置中取消自动续费。








对本协议中的条款有任何疑问,请联系我们,电子邮件:[email protected]

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