Whiteboard App is suitable for doodling, writing, correcting or teaching demonstration (iOS, Android)

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Whiteboard is a great whiteboard app for teaching and demonstrating. It supports iOS and Android, and allows us to write and doodle freely on the whiteboard, upload photos, correct assignments, or use it as a remote teaching tool.

In addition to teaching, the Whiteboard App is also suitable for discussing product prototype designs, tactical boards, and other meeting whiteboard needs, but its disadvantage is that it cannot be shared with others online, so you can only do it yourself before sharing it with others.

Whiteboard App "whiteboard" is suitable for doodling, writing, reviewing or teaching demonstration (iOS, Android)

Whiteboard App

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Whiteboard App "whiteboard" features and functions Teaching and introduction of Whiteboard App "whiteboard whiteboard Change brush color or transparency Upload images to whiteboard Upload PDF to whiteboard Add arrows, shapes or dimensional shapes Change canvas background Built in "Ball Tactics Board" template Download canvas as image or PDF Whiteboard App Download

Whiteboard App "Whiteboard" features and functions Easy-to-use whiteboard app for work, leisure or play Multiple brushes, different stroke sizes, and brush colors Upload photos, PDF files to whiteboard Multiple whiteboard pages can be added Built-in arrows, graphics and three-dimensional shapes can be dragged and dropped directly Built in templates for ball game boards and cell phone prototypes Supports downloading PNG or PDF files Support iOS and Android version, free and ad-free

Teaching and introduction of Whiteboard App After opening the Whiteboard App, it is a pure white minimalist canvas, you can first familiarize yourself with its interface, the left toolbar has basic editing functions, the bottom left corner can change the brush color and stroke size, and the top right corner "..." has more whiteboard tools available.

Whiteboard App

Change the brush color or transparency To change the color of the brush, we need to long press the brush, and then we can freely choose the color and transparency.

Whiteboard App "Whiteboard": Change brush color and transparency

Upload image to whiteboard One useful feature of this whiteboard app is that we can upload photos or pictures from our phones and then doodle directly on them, which is especially good for explaining topics or noting what needs to be changed.

Whiteboard App "Whiteboard whiteboard": Uploading photos": Changing brush color and transparency

Upload PDF to Whiteboard In addition to uploading photos to the whiteboard app, we can also upload PDF files to the whiteboard canvas for quick doodling or annotation.

Whiteboard App "Whiteboard": Upload PDF

Add arrows, shapes or three-dimensional shapes If it is for teaching purposes, the "whiteboard" App also has built-in practical tools, such as: arrows, rulers, shapes, three-dimensional shapes, etc., we just need to select the shape, you can directly drag and drop to the whiteboard for teaching, but also to adjust the size, super convenient!

It's super convenient

Whiteboard App "Whiteboard whiteboard": Shape Tool

Change the background of the canvas Whiteboard whiteboard app has an all-white background, but if you need to have dividers or squares, we can also change the background by tapping the "Background" button at the bottom and choosing your favorite background style.

You can also set your photo as background.

Whiteboard App "Whiteboard": Changing the background of the canvas

For example, if I choose a canvas with a checkered background, I can write or doodle on the line more neatly.

Whiteboard App "Whiteboard whiteboard": Change the background of the canvas

Whiteboard App "Whiteboard whiteboard" is suitable for doodling, writing, reviewing or teaching demonstration (iOS, Android) - Whiteboard App - Taco Woman

Built in "Ball Tactics Board" template In addition, there is a special feature in the background of the canvas called "Tactical Board", which provides a variety of different ball game tactical boards that can be added directly to the background of the Whiteboard App, suitable for coaches to discuss tactics! Even if it's messy, you can clear it with one click.

You can clear it with one click! Whiteboard App "Whiteboard": Ball Game Tactical Board

Download the canvas as an image or PDF Although this App does not support online sharing whiteboard function, and you can only doodle and write by yourself, we can download the written whiteboard canvas as a PNG image file or PDF file file, and then share it to others to see, which is also convenient.

Whiteboard App "Whiteboard whiteboard": Download image

Whiteboard App Download

Summary If you need an easy-to-use whiteboard app for doodling, marking, annotating or annotating, then "whiteboard whiteboard" is a great choice, we can upload photos, PDFs to the whiteboard for drawing notes and doodling, quite suitable for teaching.

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